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As the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure, so here's a list of checks you can make by yourself on a regular basis to ensure there are no serious problems developing in your car.



Check your brakes – if your brakes feel 'spongy' they need to be checked! Worn brake pads can cause damage to the brake disc and inpare braking preformance.

Listen for unusual noises – if your car starts to make a grinding or knocking sound, bring it in to be checked immediately. Problems with brakes and wheels can deteriorate rapidly.




Regular servicing – the most obvious entry on this list. Your annual service means your car gets a once-over by a qualified mechanic, highlighting any wear and tear or potential problems.


Check your oil – at least once a week, oil level is crucial to the prevention of wear to your engine. Check when the car is cool because hot or warm oil expands.


Check your coolant - low coolant level can also cause major engine failure. Always check when cold!


Check your tyres - worn tyres can make your car loose control and cause a accident, a hefty fine and points on your licence.

​Under inflated tyres will cost you money, increased fuel costs, poor handling and uneven tyre wear are a direct effect of low tyre pressures.

Broken springs, worn leaking shock absorbers

also cause a car to handle incorrectly and a certain MOT failure.

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