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We carry out all repairs and servicing to a high standard, all parts and labour are covered by a 12 month 12,000 mile warranty (unless stated) so you can be assured that your vehicle is in safe hands with Cramlington Tyres.



Mechanical faults can arise at anytime, by having you vechile serviced reguarly you can minimize the risk.

If a fault occurs we can inspect, estimate the cost of repair very quickly and have you back on the road asap.



Electrical faults can be a real problem, they always happen suddenly and without notice, take for example you light bulb at home, it worked last night when you went to bed, but next morning, not working at all!

With the latest diagnostic equipment and staff training we can find and rectify faults quickly.



Modern vehicle engine repairs can be very expensive!  Having you vehicle services carried out at the correct intervals will help prevent problems, but if they do we are equiped with the equipment to carry out major/minor repairs to engine and gearboxes.



Many cars and vans have dual mass flywheels, these are designed to eliminate any vibrations and roughness from you engine, they do unfortunately wear out, and often have to be replaced when renewing a clutch. We will always inform you, if you car is fitted with a "DMF" and price a clutch with a new flywheel. Some garages will price a clutch without a DMF and then give you a shocking final invoice.



Brakes are the most important components on your vehicle, they do more than just stop! "Anti lock brakes", "Traction Control" and "Electronic Stability Control" all use the brakes to correct any skid or loss of control, using a number of sensors and electronics they react far quicker than any human could.

Servicing and replacing brake component can no longer be done on the roadside, as many need to be reset with a computer in a workshop by a trained technician.

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